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Shreveport Facility & Equipment

Our Shreveport manufacturing plant specializes in, custom machining, and manufacturing of API pressure control components and equipment.

With services that include reverse engineering of metal parts or components, and prototype manufacturing, we are able to bring to our customers a broad range of technologies, skills and experience to meet needs quickly, cost effectively, and at a high standard of quality. Using advanced computer-driven mills and lathes, we’re able to deliver precision in both manufacturing and repairing parts and materials.

Located immediately off I-20, our location provides convenient access from all areas of the Southern United States.

Our clients are unique and have unique needs and problems. Over our years of operation, we’ve met and exceeded our customers’ expectations and welcome any challenge when it comes to metal parts and equipment.

To us, it’s simple. Take care of our customer the right way, right away. Based on what our customers tell us, that philosophy is working well.

Equipment List:

(1) Puma 480LD Lathe 
10.8” thru spindle.
25” x  60”
(1) SL-30 Haas Lathe
4“ thru spindle
18” x 24”
(1) Puma 500 Lathe
5” thru spindle.
27” x 58”
(1) Hardinge 6/45
6” Chuck
6” x 18”
(1) Johnford 300 Lathe
2” thru spindle
8” x 18” 
(1) RomiCentur30
Gang Tool Lathe 
(1) Lodge and Shipley Engine Lathe  
22” x 48”

(1) VF-3YT Haas Mill
travel - 40” X,  26” Y, 25” Z
Table size 23”x52”
(1) VF-3 Haas Mill
travel - 40” X,  20” Y, 22” Z
Table size 18”x48”
(1) VF2 Haas Mill with 4th axis
 30”X, 16”Y,18”Z

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