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Hard metal (commonly known as hard facing) is our specialty. Our process applies Tungsten Carbide to metal surfaces such as those on down-hole tools. Using a variety of facing techniques, our process allows for maximizing tool life for applications involving soft, medium or hard rock formations. Whether we are manufacturing a new Stabilizer for you our repairing a current tool, quality is our first priority.

Our Lafayette facility specializes in hard facing for the oil industry and provides rapid turnaround on hard metal applications. Working with your specific down-hole tools and specifications, we produce reliable and long lasting hard metal facing that stands the test of time and down-hole conditions.

With a focus on the very unique needs and demands of the American and Gulf Coast oil industries including on and offshore operations, our Lafayette, Louisiana plant specializes in hard metal and the manufacturing and repair of down-hole drilling tools. Under the leadership of Garland Champagne and Jeff Prejean, both highly recognized and respected oil service industry figures, we well know the industry as well as its pressures and issues and how down time translates to dollars lost.

Hard Facing
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